About Us

3 Oaks Vineyard is located just outside of Clovis, California, and easily accessible from Hwy. 168.

We are a smaller family owned and run farm that offers sustainably grown premium wine grapes for the home winemaker, as well as the equipment and knowledge to help you in making your own wine.

If you just want to enjoy the serenity of the vineyard, we offer the perfect venue for smaller, more intimate weddings and receptions, reunions, parties or get togethers for up to 150 people.

We invite you to give us a call. Steve loves nothing more than to share his passion for growing grapes and wine making. Be warned....you may not want to leave. It truly is “An Oasis In The City”.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

UPDATE for 3 Oaks Vineyard

Hi to all our friends.

We are so sorry for our absence; but it has been for a great reason - 3 OAKS is doing great, thanks to you, we are busy busy busy!

As for 3 OAKS STUDIO - we have expanded to offer more convenience to you and are blessed to have a great team to help you when we personally aren't in the shops.

As for the VINEYARD -  as most of you probably already know; with the drought, we are not hosting events for the 2016 season.   We have enjoyed our five years of bringing together families but with the lack of plentiful water and time we are not planning any more events.  That doesn't mean that we aren't looking toward the future------

We are thinking about offering an Exclusive Membership Club where the members could come out and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the Vineyard while sipping our wine that we will share with only those members.   Drop us a line and tell us if this idea intrigues you!

As for our WINE - the 2015 vintage is the best yet and is rivaling wines sold in the $40-50/btl range. Each and every one of them shows great structure, flavor, and aromas already, and they are only month old babies.

As for WINE FOR SALE - we are starting to look for a location in Clovis to hopefully start selling wine with the 2016 vintage, so say a prayer for us.

We know it has been frustrating for those who enjoy our wines, but it is such an involved and expensive process that we wanted to make sure our wines were top quality before we made the substantial investment.  With the 2015, we believe we are there, and we can repeat that quality year after year.

Please come visit us at 481 Pollasky during the OLD TOWN CLOVIS WINE WALK on 3 October 2015, and taste a couple of mature wines, along with just a taste of the 2015 vintage.

We have truly been Blessed, and thank you all

Steve & Vicki