About Us

3 Oaks Vineyard is located just outside of Clovis, California, and easily accessible from Hwy. 168.

We are a smaller family owned and run farm that offers sustainably grown premium wine grapes for the home winemaker, as well as the equipment and knowledge to help you in making your own wine.

If you just want to enjoy the serenity of the vineyard, we offer the perfect venue for smaller, more intimate weddings and receptions, reunions, parties or get togethers for up to 150 people.

We invite you to give us a call. Steve loves nothing more than to share his passion for growing grapes and wine making. Be warned....you may not want to leave. It truly is “An Oasis In The City”.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Please tell us what you think?

We have been asked numerous times, by those who have tasted our wine, if they could buy some.  

Because of this, we have an idea and we want your input.....

We are thinking of creating the opportunity for you to make wine at 3 Oaks Vineyard by forming a Cooperative. As a member, you would be able to make your own wine using our grapes and equipment with our advisement. 

Did you know that legally each person can make up to 100 gallons a year for their own enjoyment, and to share with family and friends?  Now you might be able to right here in Clovis with fresh grapes!  You won’t be making  100 gallons but you get the idea!

Tell us your thoughts on this – we are listening!

Also, check us out on Facebook at: 

It is Cold out there.

"From the Vineyard"

It has been pretty cold out here for the last 3-4 weeks - we have not had a morning temperature above 30 with most days in the 25-27 range, and a low of 24. 
The picture shows just one of the mornings with ice on the pool. 
The cold is perfect for the vines so that they will receive adequate cooling hours to be fully "asleep" for the winter and come out in the spring with full energy. 
Because the vine roots will start growing one month before the vines, we will "fertigate" (fertilizer dissolved in the drip irrigation water) the first week of February. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pruning Completion

Pruning is near completion, thanks to Joe Kutka our new vingeron (French for vineyardist). We continue to work hard to provide all that we can in patience and support for an ecologically balanced vineyard to produce the highest quality grapes for the best possible wines.
The next important task is to get the vines watered and fertilized through the drip irrigation system (known as “fertigation”) by the first of February because the roots start growing one month before the vine shoots start in early March.

We are also busy bottling the 2010 vintage wine and will be ready to share some with our friends this fall. After 5-6 months in the bottle, the wine should be relaxed and smooth, perfect for sipping while watching a movie in the vines. More to follow.

If you are interested in making your own wine, we are in the beginning stages of creating "3 Oaks Vineyard Co-op". This is a membership based cooperative that, for an annual fee, will allow you to experience firsthand the enjoyment of making your own wine. You will become a partner in 3 Oaks Vineyard operations, learn how to grow premium quality grapes, and make wine with other members and friends in the “Old World Style” of winemaking, the same way families have done for centuries.
Keep watching so you won’t miss our offering of the 3 Oaks Vineyard Co-op membership drive, to ensure you are ready to start your winemaking enjoyment in September.

Cheers from 3 Oaks Vineyard.